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Video Steps To Installing WordPress On HostGator

This nicely produced video walks you through the steps you need to take to install a WordPress Blog on HostGator.


You can go from just owning a domain name to blogging in the next 20 minutes.


Many people are intimidated by the thought of hosting a blog on their own and fall into the trap of hiring an expensive webmaster. This zaps your freedom and drains your wallet because you have to pay you webmaster for every little change, even if you just want to change some wording.


I consider myself a D level student when it comes to understanding the technical aspects of blogging, but with Ryan McMillan’s easy to follow videos, I am able to go from owning a domain name to having a fully functioning blog, without having to ask for help.


Hostgator is currently running a special on their hosting packages so if you are in need of a GREAT hosting company, click on this link and head on over there to get your account.

How To Install WordPress From Scratch – Part 1


How To Install WordPress From Scratch – Part 2


Jing – A Great Tool For Screen Captures

Jing ApplicationA while back I was putting a site up that utilized several  videos and I wanted images of the video screens for a sales page.  I stumbled upon a really neat little tool called Jing.  Once you download Jing, it will display as a little yellow sphere at the top of your computer screen.  It kinda looks like the sun setting on your computer desktop.  I’ve only used Jing for screen captures and saved them to an image file on my computer but I’m sure there is a lot more functionality that I’m not taking advantage of.   The image I’ve included on this post was taken from the Jing website using the Jing application on my computer and the great news is that you can get a ton of use from the FREE version (a paid version is available for $15/year that includes some cool functions).  Check out Jing today!

Digi Traffic Accelerator Automates Link Building

*****Editors Note: I’ve not had the opportunity to fully evaluate Digi Traffic Accelerator but I can say that I own just about every other product from DigiResults and they are top-notch products. Andy Fletcher always over-delivers on his promises so I’m asking you to follow the link and make your own decision. He’s currently offering the service at a deep discount and there is a $1 trial as well. Go Check It Out!!!*****

Digi Traffic AcceleratorIf you’re one of the more than 50,000 people who’ve been keeping up with Andy Fletcher’s Traffic Acceleration course, I’m sure you were just as pumped as I was to learn he was developing software that would automate the whole process…

Even if you’ve not been keeping up with it, I think you’d agree anything that builds over 500 backlinks at the push of a button is a pretty sweet bit of kit…

Well, get ready for some good news… because Digi Traffic Accelerator has been released!

Digi Traffic Accelerator is a desktop app that will -

-  Build over 500 Traffic Accelerator backlinks at the push of a button
-  Completely automate account creation and confirmation on hundreds of sites
-  Crack captchas on autopilot through integration with three different services
-  Flood your site with organic, direct and viral traffic
-  Get your site indexed like lightning (Andy didn’t even mention this in his videos, but 500 backlinks on sites crawling with Googlebots?  Lightning will seem slow in comparison!)

Right now, you can try out this awesome tool for just $1, but hurry!  Andy’s only letting 3000 of these out the door, and I know that might sound a lot, but with a $1 trial they’re going to go FAST.

(Like I said, there’s over 50,000 people waiting to snap this up…)

Grab your copy now, while you still can -

Here’s the link: Digi Traffic Accelerator

P.S.  Of course, these aren’t just any 500 backlinks… these are Traffic Accelerator backlinks, that pump far more link juice and traffic than normal

(and if that sounds too good to be true, check out the website where Andy explains why…)


Rank Tracker Plugin-The Key To More Traffic

I’ve been using Rank Tracker for about a week now and it has certainly lived up to it’s billing as a great plugin to increase your traffic.

Here’s how it works; after you install Rank Tracker on your site, it will notify you of keywords and phrases that are resulting in visitors to your site as well as the page they are being sent to. It also shows you your rank for that particular keyword in the Google SERP’s and over time tracks any changes in rank.

Rank Tracker-Easy To Use

Rank Tracker will give you a graphical display of the keywords and searches that end up on your site and taking everything into consideration, will rank them from best to worst.

Now it’s up to you to take that information and run with it! I’ll tell you how I happen to use it but your free to do whatever you want with the information.

I look for high-ranking keywords and phrases that I never thought of using and based on how many times that particular keyword search ended up on my page, I’ll spend some time writing posts or pages around that particular term. I already know I can get the traffic and I know where I rank for the keyword phrase as well. It’s a no-brainer!

Find The Best Keywords Using Rank Tracker

After you install the Rank Tracker plugin and activate it, just go to the Settings Menu to configure it. You can set the frequency of notification anywhere from instantly to monthly (or never if you wish) and the email for the notification. By default the plugin uses the email used when setting up the blog but you can change it if you wish. You need to choose a country for your Google SERP results and you can choose the minimum frequency of keyword search results as well.

And that’s it! Simple and easy and a wealth of information you can put to immediate use to drive more traffic to your site.