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Archive for March, 2011

Theme Use Triggers Google Penalty

I came across this question today when looking at a new premium theme. I have heard over and over, “don’t use the same theme for all your sites or Google will pick up on it and penalize you”. As with most Google warnings I receive I usually don’t take them 100% for the truth although [...]


Banner Ad Blueprint Review

After my first experience with affiliate marketing and learning about PPC, PPV, and such, I purchased Banner Ad Blueprint in order to learn more about banners and banner placement networks. The program is very comprehensive and for $77 I got a great education in another facet of online marketing. Many people will tell you that [...]


A Free Tool I Can’t Live Without

There are a number of tools that I’ve amassed as I’ve spent time marketing online. Some I paid for (and regretted), some I didn’t (and still regretted), but there are a handful that I use on an almost daily basis. Cherry Picker is one of those free programs that is easy to use, straightforward and [...]


Permalinks-The “Experts” Are Wrong

Ever since I got started in internet marketing and building blogs, every single expert I read advised changing permalinks to make them more search engine friendly. Almost always, the recommendation was to change the default permalink setting to /%postname% and then end it with either a /, a .htm or .html, or a .php. I [...]