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Archive for April, 2011

Plugin Central Is A Great Timesaver For WordPress Setup

My discovery of Plugin Central, a WordPress plugin, has turned into a fortunate twist of efficiency. I usually have a list of my favorite plugins to install on new blogs and sometimes I FTP the files and other times I install them one by one as needed. Plugin Central is a great time saver when [...]


Catalyst Theme-Part 2

I’ve started a new blog dedicated to testing themes and plugins at keith gillaspy dot com. I started by installing the Catalyst theme and I want to walk you through some of the options available within the theme package. The package itself is actually two zip files, the Catalyst theme and the Dynamik child theme. [...]


Catalyst Theme Features & Review-Part 1

I’ve used a number of premium themes for different sites with different objectives. I’ll eventually get around to writing reviews on each theme but I want to focus on a new theme from the creators of the popular Frugal theme. The new theme is called Catalyst and is truly a totally customizable WordPress theme. When [...]


Micro Niche Finder – I Use It On A Daily Basis

One of the tools I purchased early on in my online business life was Micro Niche Finder. It has been integral to all the success I’ve found running an online business. The program is continuously updated since a portion of the info it gathers comes from Google directly and we all know how Google likes [...]