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A StickyPostorderER Plugin

Another WordPress plugin I can’t live without is “stickypostorderER”.  Most of you know how to sticky a post so it stays on the top of the page but what if you had more than one post to sticky and you wanted control over the specific order of stickiness?

A stickypostorderER does just that. It allows you to choose sticky posts and order them however you want. The plugin also allows you to order posts by tag and catagory as well as in general. I’m using on this blog to keep the first two posts on top in the general listing.

Note: As I write this, a fix is in the works for stickypostorderER to work with the brand new release of wordpress 3.1. This is not unusual with plugins and wordpress updates. I always feel at ease when the plugin creator is right on top of any compatability issues. Here is link to the patch and instructions for updating.

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