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Awesome Internet Graphics Package

If you’ve ever done any marketing online or have been the recipient of someone’s sales page, you have no doubt seen some nice sales pages with awesome graphics. I have always wondered how these guys made their Internet graphics or how much they paid to have them made. In our early days online, we actually paid someone $100 for an “original photo” we could use on the web. We have seen this same picture on numerous sites since then and can only wonder if they copied it from us or if they bought our “original” photo from a stock photo site. I’m sure they didn’t pay $100 for it either way!

From that experience, my thought process was that getting graphics for your website was something only the rich Guru’s could afford. I was WRONG! I came across this awesome package of Internet ready graphics for less than ten bucks. That’s right, less than $10 for a TON of cuInternet Graphics Bookstomizable Internet graphics. The package includes a lot of Photoshop ready templates and images but the really cool thing is that he shows you how to use a free online program to customize¬† your graphics in case you don’t own Photoshop.

I unzipped the nearly 300 MB of Internet graphics and videos (oh, did I forget to mention that there are a bunch of bonus videos to walk you through the creation of your custom graphics?)  After extracting all the files, I watched the video on how to make a 3D book cover and in about 5 minutes, it was finished. It was that quick and easy. Here is the cover I created with the Internet graphics package.

There are “buy it now” buttons, ribbons, backgrounds, icons, animated arrows, hand-drawn arrows, shadows, underlines and highlights, and more! The Marketing Graphics Toolkit V2 is absolutely the BEST BUY in the Internet marketing community right now!

There is an additional upsell that is less than $10 as well and I will probably take advantage of that as well since it more than doubles the size of the original package and contains some nice additional Internet graphics. Follow the link and check out the sales page. I’m sure you’ll agree that it is well worth the ten bucks you’ll invest in it.

Internet Graphics Package

Internet Marketing Graphics

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One Response to “Awesome Internet Graphics Package”

  1. Tom from Graphic Tee Shirts says:

    This sure looks like a good deal. CrowdSourcing is also another way to get custom graphics for cheap. I and many of my friends will gladly work up a quick logo or button for you for only a few bucks. Just google crowdsourcing and you will find sites that let you find artists that will help you.

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