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Best WP Plugin To Earn More Money

I’m going to let you in on a great little WP plugin that has made me several hundred dollars after installing it. WP Lapdance is a premium (you have to pay for it) plugin that gives you total control over an exit pop on the blog where it’s installed.

I know the name sounds a bit funny but when you see the information video you’ll understand why it’s named “Lapdance”.  This guy Devon Brown has a ton of energy and it makes for an entertaining video.  Looking beyond that, this plugin is pure gold.  The basics of the plugin revolve around exit pops and the way they can be customized.

For those that don’t know, an exit pop is a popup that appears when a visitor is leaving your site. You can display an opt-in box, a special discount, or anything you want. WP Lapdance gives you total control and customization of the popup and even allows you to load a different page behind the popup.

I utilized the plugin on a couple of sites I have in a niche that provides some adsense revenue and Amazon sales. I had found an affiliate offer on Commision Junction for this niche so using the plugin, I made an exit pop with a link to the retailer on CJ and in addition, I had their sale page load behind the popup.  Doing it this way I was able to get my visitors to the retailer site even if they didn’t click on the link in the popup. Within a couple of weeks of installing this and configuring the links, I began getting sales through CJ to the tune of a couple hundred smackers!

With the release of version 2.0 there are even more options for customization of the actual popup as well as options to specify which pages you want the exit pop to display from and the frequency of the exit pop. This can make a more user friendly experience if you have users who return to your site often.  Check out the links for WP Lapdance and I’m sure you’ll agree with me, and for less than $20 it’s a bargain.

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