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Dagon Design Html Sitemap Generator

Dagon Sitemap generator is another plugin that I’ve begun using fairly recently but I like the functionality of it I’m adding it to my “don’t miss” list.

A sitemap is a listing of all pages and posts on your site (if it’s a blog site that is) and it almost reminds you of a phone directory based solely on your site. There are typically two ways to code a sitemap, xml and html.

Xml sitemaps are generally made specifically for search engines and are coded so the spiders can quickly and easily see what’s on your site. They are not however, people friendly. The xml coding is formatted specifically for automated spiders and bots (agents) process.

Html sitemaps are much more user friendly and they provide your visitors with a page (or more depending on site size) that looks like a directory with every part of the site listed and linked. The great thing about html sitemaps is the fact that the spiders and bots can still process them albeit slightly slower than the xml coded version.

Dagon Design sitemap generator creates a highly customized html sitemap for your wordpress blog. The customizing potential is huge since you can exclude certain posts/pages and/or catagories, control list order, show comment count, multiple page generation and multi-level catogory support and more.

Having a choice between one or the other, the choice would be “easy” according to Matt Cutts from Google, the html sitemap is visitor friendly and still gives the spiders “something to chew on”.

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