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New Clickbank Firefox Plugin

I just got this email from Brad Callen today talking about a new plugin he had to identify worthwhile Clickbank offers.  Brad has been around for a while and I think he is one of the more talented and “up & up” marketers out there. I also belong to his link network, SEO Linkvine.

-Check out this new Clickbank Firefox Plugin-

His latest offering is called CB Surge and it’s FREE! Yes, FREE! There is a premium upgrade available that offers more functionality but honestly, the free version packs a pretty good punch. CB Surge is a Firefox plugin that integrates with your Clickbank account to provide better information regarding promising Clickbank offers. The plugin works automatically when you log in to your Clickbank account to tell you what offers are marketable or not marketable based on gravity and history.

Take advantage of the free plugin now and install it in your Firefox browser. Once you activate the plugin it will automatically integrate with your Clickbank account the next time you log in. I’m not sure how long they might be offering the basic version at no charge so get it now. Click on the banner or one of the links to get your copy of CB Surge today!

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