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Plugin Central Is A Great Timesaver For WordPress Setup

Wordpress PluginsMy discovery of Plugin Central, a WordPress plugin, has turned into a fortunate twist of efficiency. I usually have a list of my favorite plugins to install on new blogs and sometimes I FTP the files and other times I install them one by one as needed. Plugin Central is a great time saver when it comes to installing multiple plugins and especially if you are setting up a number of blogs that require similar functionality.

It’s quite simple in concept. The plugin is installed first on any blog you may be setting up or at least prior to the installation of a number of plugins. A list of desired plugins may then be entered into the provided space (it works best to have a text file of the desired plugin url’s to paste in). Plugin Central will then install the desired plugins one by one and give the user the option of activating or postponing activation until a later time.

If you are setting up a number of blogs, this plugin can be a huge time saver as all your favorite plugins are installed automatically. I’ve saved a text file of all my favorite plugins (as their url’s) and simply paste it into the plugin installation area. I can edit the list before I click the submit button to make sure that the exact plugins I want are installed. It typically takes less than a minute.

Here is a partial list of my favorite plugin url’s:

Check out Plugin Central here! If you hate wasting time as much as I do, you’ll really appreciate this handy WordPress tool.

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One Response to “Plugin Central Is A Great Timesaver For WordPress Setup”

  1. jay says:

    have to try this one, i am going to start another blog about beta fishes, how to breed them, and taking care of their fries..

    thanks for sharing.

    i allergic to any kind of updates in wp though, i had two blogs that i have updated in wp and plugins updated too and it was such a terrible mistake as both blogs disappeared, one i was able to save the other not :(

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