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Rank Tracker Plugin-The Key To More Traffic

I’ve been using Rank Tracker for about a week now and it has certainly lived up to it’s billing as a great plugin to increase your traffic.

Here’s how it works; after you install Rank Tracker on your site, it will notify you of keywords and phrases that are resulting in visitors to your site as well as the page they are being sent to. It also shows you your rank for that particular keyword in the Google SERP’s and over time tracks any changes in rank.

Rank Tracker-Easy To Use

Rank Tracker will give you a graphical display of the keywords and searches that end up on your site and taking everything into consideration, will rank them from best to worst.

Now it’s up to you to take that information and run with it! I’ll tell you how I happen to use it but your free to do whatever you want with the information.

I look for high-ranking keywords and phrases that I never thought of using and based on how many times that particular keyword search ended up on my page, I’ll spend some time writing posts or pages around that particular term. I already know I can get the traffic and I know where I rank for the keyword phrase as well. It’s a no-brainer!

Find The Best Keywords Using Rank Tracker

After you install the Rank Tracker plugin and activate it, just go to the Settings Menu to configure it. You can set the frequency of notification anywhere from instantly to monthly (or never if you wish) and the email for the notification. By default the plugin uses the email used when setting up the blog but you can change it if you wish. You need to choose a country for your Google SERP results and you can choose the minimum frequency of keyword search results as well.

And that’s it! Simple and easy and a wealth of information you can put to immediate use to drive more traffic to your site.

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  1. I don’t think I ever commented on here before but I want to let you know that for some reason you page loads slowely between 7 and 9 :s At least that is what I experienced yesterday and today. Just FYI, Jenni

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