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Tips To Increase Your Adsense Revenue And Earnings

Adsense Revenue Adsense ads are a great way to earn money on your blog and they are fairly easy to implement. Google simply places relevant ads on your site and when visitors click on them, you earn a commission (aka Adsense Revenue). As long as you follow the Terms of Service set forth by Google Adsense, they will display ads and pay you for the clicks that come from visitors to your site. One major warning, you should never,ever click on your own ads. This is the quickest way to get banned by Adsense.

How To Earn Adsense Revenue

This is how the whole thing works. If you are not familiar with Google Adwords, it is Googles advertising platform for the web. Advertisers pay Google to display their ads on sites and in search results. You have no doubt seen these “sponsored ads” above and to the right of Google search results and on numerous sites and pages on the web. Advertisers have to bid on the placement of their ads by means of what they are willing to pay per click (PPC). You might have heard or read something about PPC and Google is just one network that utilizes this model. They also happen to be the biggest. If I want to get people to my website, I would contact Google and tell them how much I’m willing to pay per click. It may be a few cents or it may be a sizable amount depending on the particular niche and how competitive it is. Dieting, dating, video games, etc. are all competitive niches and it might take 10-20 dollars or more per click to get your ad shown.

Adsense is the other side of this coin. As a website owner, you have valuable advertising space that Google can use to display ads and Google will split the click revenue with you. If I own a dating site and you have a related niche blog or website, I might set up an advertising campaign with Google Adwords and bid 10 dollars per click. When my ad shows up on your site and your visitors are compelled to click on it due to my brilliant ad copy, I will be charged 10 dollars for that click that ultimately gets that visitor to my site. The beauty of this is that you will get part of that 10 dollars perhaps as much as 5 dollars or 50%. If you have a well ranked site that gets decent traffic, Adsense might provide you with a decent paycheck.

Get Your Share Of Adsense Revenue

Google Adsense pays out Billions of dollars each year. That’s Billions with a capital B! So why not get your share of Adsense revenue by maximizing the use of space on your blog. Now if you are selling a product on your blog you may not want your visitors leaving your site for your competitors. Simply block certain ads or just don’t use Adsense. It’s up to you.

I’ve been earning Adsense revenue for the past year or so and I am receiving a nice monthly check from Google. There are others out there that do very well with Adsense simply by matching their visitors with relevant ads that serve their visitors needs. Nothing black hat or unethical, just following Googles own rules. One of the best ways to ensure success online is to find others who are doing what you want to do and getting help from them. That is precisely what I found at the Adsense Guild.

Now Maximize Your Adsense Revenue

The Adsense Guild is a membership site devoted to all things Adsense. Want to maximize your Adsense Revenue? The Guild is the place to be! Here are some of the features of the Adsense Guild.

  • Private members-only forums with quality threads
  • Loads of how-to videos and tutorials
  • New videos added each week
  • Step-by-step action plan that is super easy to follow
  • The guild team actually responds to questions with “real” advice in the forums
  • A member’s dashboard for easy access to all the information you need

If you want to monetize your blog and earn some serious Adsense revenue, I recommend that you check out the Adsense Guild.

The Adsense Guild

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3 Responses to “Tips To Increase Your Adsense Revenue And Earnings”

  1. Right now it appears like WordPress is the best blogging platform out there right now. (from what I’ve read) Is that what you’re using on your blog?

  2. Benjamin from Sell Old Coins says:

    It takes a lot of advertising and promotion, and the use of social media as a whole. It’s always the best way to start but not to the point of spamming. I started my own blog under Google’s blogger/blogspot but had no time. At first, you really need to pay attention especially for people who do not own a web site. Bank on it. Start small. You have to spend a little and find a reputable hosting as they make the rest of the work for you.

  3. Seems like a fairly-made ad business deal for site owners. For both parties involved in each case, they receive the appropriate revenue or income just from every click a visitor makes. It’s guaranteed to work since they’re all related ads to the content.

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