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Jing – A Great Tool For Screen Captures

Jing ApplicationA while back I was putting a site up that utilized several  videos and I wanted images of the video screens for a sales page.  I stumbled upon a really neat little tool called Jing.  Once you download Jing, it will display as a little yellow sphere at the top of your computer screen.  It kinda looks like the sun setting on your computer desktop.  I’ve only used Jing for screen captures and saved them to an image file on my computer but I’m sure there is a lot more functionality that I’m not taking advantage of.   The image I’ve included on this post was taken from the Jing website using the Jing application on my computer and the great news is that you can get a ton of use from the FREE version (a paid version is available for $15/year that includes some cool functions).  Check out Jing today!

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2 Responses to “Jing – A Great Tool For Screen Captures”

  1. I used it and It’s awesome..!

  2. Timothy Langen from My PC Backup CPA says:

    I love Jing! I use this utility for everything especially in capturing images from my affiliate program to include in blog posts. Very helpful program.

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