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Video Steps To Installing WordPress On HostGator

This nicely produced video walks you through the steps you need to take to install a WordPress Blog on HostGator.


You can go from just owning a domain name to blogging in the next 20 minutes.


Many people are intimidated by the thought of hosting a blog on their own and fall into the trap of hiring an expensive webmaster. This zaps your freedom and drains your wallet because you have to pay you webmaster for every little change, even if you just want to change some wording.


I consider myself a D level student when it comes to understanding the technical aspects of blogging, but with Ryan McMillan’s easy to follow videos, I am able to go from owning a domain name to having a fully functioning blog, without having to ask for help.


Hostgator is currently running a special on their hosting packages so if you are in need of a GREAT hosting company, click on this link and head on over there to get your account.

How To Install WordPress From Scratch – Part 1


How To Install WordPress From Scratch – Part 2


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