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Affiliate Marketing Scams, Tips, and Secrets

Affiliate marketing scams are a “black eye” on the entire online business world.

If you’ve been in this Internet marketing world for any length of time you have probably seen all the over-hyped latest, greatest programs marketed to you in your email. Isn’t it amazing that a new program comes out every single day? It would seem that the people doing best in online marketing are those that take advantage of that same online marketing niche. They’re selling to you and I and raking in the big bucks oftentimes for outdated or just plain junk programs.

I’ve seen all the slick videos and sales pages with the ClickBank, PayPal, and other “proof” right there to convince me that these guys had the “secret formula” to online riches and that I too could be living in a mansion, driving a Ferrari, and “living the dream”. The problem is that I want to believe it’s possible. Even if I don’t buy their program, I want to believe that I too could stumble onto the “secret” and become a millionaire overnight. We all want to believe that it’s possible, right?

Affiliate Marketing ScamThese slick marketers know that too. That’s what they’re counting on to get you to buy their latest products. Do you really think that these guys are going to share the secret to making a million dollars in 4 months with the world? Absolutely not! The Internet marketplace is no different than any other marketplace. Would KFC or Coca Cola share their “secret formulas” with their counterparts (competitors) because they want to “see us all be successful”? No Way! These guys make all their money selling to you and I, not by running their own latest “secret formula” plan or software.

I recently got an email and video sales letter of a “brand new” method of making tons of money on the Internet. Just like I get every single day in my in-box. This video showed a clickbank account that was not doing a whole lot until one day, the program was activated. This marketer logged in every couple of days and it was plain to see that, beginning with the day of activation, his clickbank account exploded to the tune of $1000 or more a day. It even intrigued me enough to click through and see what was up. Turns out to be a rehashed “how to use YouTube” ebook.

I started to wonder how he pulled the ClickBank proof off and how would I do it if I wanted to run a similar type of scam. Number one, the guy had to have some marketing that was working for him, either legitimate or another one-of-a-kind marketing program. Number two, open a new ClickBank account and get new affiliate links associated with the new account. Number three, on the appointed day, switch all links out with links from the new account. Abracadabra, allakazaam, instant ClickBank sales!

Thankfully, not every Internet marketer is out to scam you although the ones who are will always be hawking their goods in the loudest, most persuasive voice possible. Learn to get past the hype. Learn to research before you buy. Think about the fact that in any other market in the world, this would be craziness. Myself and others feel that there is a way to share business knowledge without compromising our own business. Even in my ‘brick and mortar’ business I regularly get together with other business owners to brainstorm new ideas.

Remember the old adage – “If It’s Too Good To Be True, It Probably Is”!

Find people online that you can relate to. People who share your values and sense of right and wrong. Even people who share your sense of humor. These are the people you should follow for a while and see if what they are doing matches up to what they are saying. If enough of us are able to help each other, maybe we can cut down on the amount of hypey(sp?) email going out through the airwaves every day. And remember, Google spends a lot of time and energy figuring out how to cut the legs out from under people who are gaming their search engine. Do things right the first time and you won’t have to worry about the so-called “Google Slap”, or getting your accounts banned, or worse, building a bad reputation.

Till next time, Happy Marketing!

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