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Earn Money Blog Mission

Dr Keith Gillaspy PicWelcome to the Earn Money Blog! I hope you will return often as we will be updating the content regularly.


My purpose with this blog is two-fold:

1.  To hopefully give you a bit of a head start that I didn’t have

2.  To get all my scattered expertise organized in one place


I have been actively working online since January of 2010 and my wife has been promoting her health and fitness products online for several years prior to my involvement. By profession I am a doctor. That may sound strange but if you have any experience in the health field you know that reimbursement from both insurance and government programs is decreasing every year.


The other issue I had is while being a sole practitioner has given me control over my practice it has also created a job from which I can’t take a vacation without losing significant revenue. I really wanted a career that would allow me to take some time off or travel without the problem of a physical practice that solely relied on me being present.


This blog will recount the things I have learned on the way to making an income from online marketing. I’ve tried to compartmentalize the different aspects of building an online business that earns money in an attempt to make it easier to navigate.


I want to give you honest appraisals of what worked for me and what didn’t. I have found that many of the top earners make their money by peddling courses and programs they have never even tried even though they’ll tell you that they’re the latest, greatest, secret, loophole “make money fast” programs. I’ve had instances of buying a program only to have them try to sell me another program from someone else only a day later.


So let’s keep it on the “up and up” here on earn money blog and I’ll make a promise to be perfectly honest with you if I ever promote or give a recommendation for a particular product. I’m hoping that we can gather some intel on programs I’ve not tried from my regular readers. Just be sure to comment or post in a professional manner.


Thanks and I look forward to your participation!




Dr Becky Gillaspy

As Keith mentioned above, our mission here at Earn Money Blog is to give you the tools and pertinent information you need to build a strong Internet Marketing business.


I started my first blog back in 2008 in the health and weight loss niche and made many mistakes. I share many of those mistakes with you throughout this blog for two reasons: 1) so you learn from them and avoid them and 2) because many of them are quite funny and make for good reading. :-)


One thing I should mention is that even though my early days of Internet Marketing (IM) were filled with blunders I still earn money from the list I was able to build from that original blog. (If you’re interested, I explain why my original blog is no longer on the web here).


I tell you this to highlight an important fact, and that is, IM is very forgiving. You do not have to use perfect grammar or even understand the technical aspects that get your blog to show up on the web, all you really need is to learn how to give people what they want. Do that and you get what you want.


Keith and I are not fictitious characters. Our names are actually Keith and Becky Gillaspy, and we are real people. (I say this because you cannot always be sure of this fact on the Internet.) You can find us most evenings sitting on our porch with our two lovable mutts.

Maddie & Quincy

Maddie & Quincy


Bottom line, we want to help you navigate the waters of IM and help you avoid all of the hype and “shiny objects” that get thrown in front of you. We will not promote a product we have not tried and found value in.


We have been in business offline for over 20 years and online for more than four, and if there is one thing we have learned it is when you treat people right, everyone prospers.





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