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Rev Up The Speed Of Your WordPress Blog

speed up wordpressWordPress SEO covers so many aspects of web design, site structure, keyword choice, server load, etc, etc, it’s easy to get completely overwhelmed by the mere thought of it. Here’s another SEO tip that can help your standing with Google.

Google has stated that page load speed is one of the factors their ranking algorithm uses to give your site a “thumbs up” or “thumbs down”. Anything you can do to make your site load faster will in fact help you in the ranking department. I can’t guarantee that this will rocket your site to number one but I do believe in playing by Google’s rules. No one really knows all the different aspects of Google’s algorithm (some say there are more than 200 different factors) so if they tell you this will help, it will most likely help.

Caching and gzip compression are the two most utilized methods of speeding up the load time of a blog. I’ll cover caching and the plugins available for caching in another article. Right now I’d like to talk about gzip compression.

A plugin I’ve used quite extensively is EZgZ gzip compression which is now known as WordPress gzip compression by James Socol. The plugin still works quite well but I’m sure there are others that will work. It is still available but I’m unsure if it’s being supported for the newest WordPress release, 3.1. The plugin works by compressing data before it gets to your browser thereby increasing the speed of page load.

If you want to know how your site stacks up, go to HTTP Compression Test and enter your url. The test will check for gzip compression and rate the load speed of your site. It will also check your browser for gzip compatibility. Run the test before installing gzip compression and then after. It should quantify the changes you’ve made.

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  1. wpdotmd says:

    As alternative to your mentioned tool there are a GzipDetect to check if GZip is enabled:

  2. You need to add a facebook button to your blog. I just bookmarked this posting, although I had to do it manually. Simply my $.02 :)

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