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Jing – A Great Tool For Screen Captures

A while back I was putting a site up that utilized several  videos and I wanted images of the video screens for a sales page.  I stumbled upon a really neat little tool called Jing.  Once you download Jing, it will display as a little yellow sphere at the top of your computer screen.  It [...]


Rank Tracker Plugin-The Key To More Traffic

I’ve been using Rank Tracker for about a week now and it has certainly lived up to it’s billing as a great plugin to increase your traffic. Here’s how it works; after you install Rank Tracker on your site, it will notify you of keywords and phrases that are resulting in visitors to your site [...]


Awesome Internet Graphics Package

If you’ve ever done any marketing online or have been the recipient of someone’s sales page, you have no doubt seen some nice sales pages with awesome graphics. I have always wondered how these guys made their Internet graphics or how much they paid to have them made. In our early days online, we actually [...]


New Clickbank Firefox Plugin

I just got this email from Brad Callen today talking about a new plugin he had to identify worthwhile Clickbank offers.  Brad has been around for a while and I think he is one of the more talented and “up & up” marketers out there. I also belong to his link network, SEO Linkvine. -Check [...]