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Jing – A Great Tool For Screen Captures

A while back I was putting a site up that utilized several  videos and I wanted images of the video screens for a sales page.  I stumbled upon a really neat little tool called Jing.  Once you download Jing, it will display as a little yellow sphere at the top of your computer screen.  It [...]


Awesome Internet Graphics Package

If you’ve ever done any marketing online or have been the recipient of someone’s sales page, you have no doubt seen some nice sales pages with awesome graphics. I have always wondered how these guys made their Internet graphics or how much they paid to have them made. In our early days online, we actually [...]


Tips To Increase Your Adsense Revenue And Earnings

Adsense ads are a great way to earn money on your blog and they are fairly easy to implement. Google simply places relevant ads on your site and when visitors click on them, you earn a commission (aka Adsense Revenue). As long as you follow the Terms of Service set forth by Google Adsense, they [...]


Traffic Kaboom

I just got word that Traffic Kaboom is open for a short period of time. This is a moderated, well run network of quality sites that you can publish your articles to. I first heard of Traffic Kaboom when I bought Jason Potash’s Blog Blueprint course (very good by the way) as part of the [...]