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Permalinks-The “Experts” Are Wrong

Ever since I got started in internet marketing and building blogs, every single expert I read advised changing permalinks to make them more search engine friendly. Almost always, the recommendation was to change the default permalink setting to /%postname% and then end it with either a /, a .htm or .html, or a .php. I [...]


WordPress RSS – What Does It Do?

So what does RSS stand for? It depends on who you talk to but there are several interpretations. RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication, or Rich Site Summary, or RDF Site Summary. Confused? Me too! This whole WordPress RSS thing has been eating at me so I figured I’d look into it an get it [...]


Dean’s Permalink Migration Plugin

Not long ago I wrote a post about permalinks and how I got into trouble following the accepted “expert” advice. I wanted to let you know how I changed my permalinks without breaking any links or messing up Google’s indexing of my blog. The plugin I used is Dean’s Permalink Migration and it works quite [...]