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Banner Ad Blueprint Review

After my first experience with affiliate marketing and learning about PPC, PPV, and such, I purchased Banner Ad Blueprint in order to learn more about banners and banner placement networks. The program is very comprehensive and for $77 I got a great education in another facet of online marketing. Many people will tell you that [...]


PPC, PPV, CPA, What Does It All Mean?

Internet Marketing is like alphabet soup. Especially for someone just coming into the industry. What do all these different three letter abbreviations mean? It’s pretty confusing, even when trying to explain it to someone. I’m sure you can find some very in-depth articles extolling the virtues as well as the evils of these types of [...]


A Scathing Review Of The Magic Bullet System

So in 2008 & 2009 I see a few of Frank Kern’s pitches and videos and he definitely has my interest piqued. As I begin to lean further towards starting my own online business, I get an email from Frank Kern touting this young hotshot named Amish. I watched the video series and Amish was [...]