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Traffic Kaboom

I just got word that Traffic Kaboom is open for a short period of time. This is a moderated, well run network of quality sites that you can publish your articles to. I first heard of Traffic Kaboom when I bought Jason Potash’s Blog Blueprint course (very good by the way) as part of the [...]


What About Blogs That Use Very Different Methods?

I still have tons of questions about the “correct” way to set up a blog with regards to SEO (search engine optimization) and monitezation. So I thought I would do a case study with two different sites that will be set up simultaneously in the same niche but will be formatted and promoted in different [...]


Earning Money Online Takes Some Work!

Welcome to the earn money blog! I hope you will return often as we will be updating the content regularly. I’ve moved the bulk of this post to a page titled “Earn Money Blog Mission”.  Please follow this link to get an idea of why I’m spending my time building this site. My main purpose [...]


Add A Little Speed To Your Blogs!

One of the things that Google looks at when deciding how to rank your blog or site is the speed at which it loads. There are a lot of factors that determine how fast your site loads and performs through normal navigation including site structure, plugin use, graphics and images, etc. There are some easy [...]