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Catalyst Theme-Part 2

I’ve started a new blog dedicated to testing themes and plugins at keith gillaspy dot com. I started by installing the Catalyst theme and I want to walk you through some of the options available within the theme package. The package itself is actually two zip files, the Catalyst theme and the Dynamik child theme. [...]


Catalyst Theme Features & Review-Part 1

I’ve used a number of premium themes for different sites with different objectives. I’ll eventually get around to writing reviews on each theme but I want to focus on a new theme from the creators of the popular Frugal theme. The new theme is called Catalyst and is truly a totally customizable WordPress theme. When [...]


CSS for WordPress

CSS for WordPress CSS or Cascading Style Sheets are used extensively in WordPress and knowing a little about how they work and how you can manipulate them will help when you need to tweak certain aspects of your blog or website. CSS are the rules that determine how the html of your site is displayed. [...]


WordPress Blogs-How Do They Work?

I’ve had some questions lately about how WordPress blogs work. I’ll try to explain the inner workings of WordPress as best I can and I understand that this is a very basic question. However, it is a question that deserves an answer. In the “old” days, we coded everything in html pages that existed as [...]